PRE- ORDER "A Black Boy Journey to Dance" Book


This is a pre-order; the book will be released on June 30 and may ship earlier. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. 

This hardcover edition is perfect for young readers and makes a wonderful addition to any child's library. Let Jeremiah's story inspire the young dreamer in your life!

"A Black Boy Journey to Dance" is an inspiring children's book that tells the story of Jeremiah, a young black boy from Brooklyn, New York, who discovers his passion for dance despite facing challenges. From his early days of running and singing the blues at home, Jeremiah's heart was drawn to the world of movement. Faced with criticism and doubts, especially as the only black boy in dance class, he perseveres. Jeremiah faces challenges as he pursues his passion, facing criticism and stereotypes. However, with the arrival of a supportive teacher, Miss Oliver, Jeremiah finds the encouragement he needs to pursue his dreams. The book beautifully illustrates his journey to becoming a skilled dancer, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately finding his rhythm. This delightful story will inspire kids to celebrate their individuality and pursue their dreams and passions wholeheartedly.


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