"Stay Humble" Hoodie

$25.00 $60.00


Introducing the Stay Humble Hoodie, a unique addition to your wardrobe that embodies the essence of mindfulness and introspection. Product Features:

  • Material: Made from 100% cotton

  • Design: With simplicity at its heart, the Stay Humble Hoodie features a minimalist design that speaks volumes. The subtle, yet powerful embroidery serves as a gentle nudge to remain mindful and connected to what truly matters. Its classic cut ensures a timeless appeal, making it a versatile piece that complements any outfit.

  • Care Instructions: To ensure your Stay Humble Hoodie maintains its softness and the vibrancy of its message, we recommend the following care practices:

    • Wash in cold water using the machine wash cold setting. This helps preserve the fabric’s softness and the integrity of the embroidery.
    • Tumble dry on low. This gentle drying method helps return your hoodie to its original plushness without risking shrinkage or damage.
    • Avoid the use of bleach. Bleach can deteriorate the natural fibers of the cotton and cause the carefully crafted embroidery to fade.

Embrace the journey of self-reflection and mindfulness with the Stay Humble Hoodie. It's more than just an item of clothing; it's a statement of serenity and spiritual mindfulness designed to accompany you through the ebbs and flows of life. Add it to your collection today and let it serve as a constant reminder to pause, reflect, and connect.